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"The Gnomes can globetrot through a whole planet's worth of folk and traditional music in the course of a set, sometimes in the course of a song." (Rick Massimo, the Providence Journal)

"There are some works of art and music that just stand out, not by their ability to sensationalize, or to excite, but merely on a masterful and unique vision conveyed with superb craftsmanship.  The Gnomes' music is one such example. What The Gnomes do is way above and beyond the call of just good music... they just draw you in by the beauty of what they do." (Arthur Ketchen, Celtic Beat Magazine)

The Gnomes fuse its dynamic folk-rock edge with original tunes and a wide-ranging repertoire that spans the globe Celtic, Scandinavian, Eastern European, Asian, African, Caribbean, Klezmer, and Native American bringing you a sound that will touch both your heart and your feet! They combine their varied and extensive musical backgrounds into arrangements that have been described as "exotic, fresh, and unique."

The band's members include some of Rhode Island's best known musicians: Phil Edmonds (Irish whistle and button accordion); Cathy Clasper-Torch (fiddle, keyboard, er-hu, vocals); Mike Fischman (guitar, mandolin, bouzouki, banjo, vocals); Peter Breen (bass, vocals); and Matt Niebels (percussion/drums).

Appearing Live  The Gnomes  at the BRT

"Liven Up"
A CD of Phil's original compositions.

Looking for a great read?
Check out Phil Edmond's latest book release, "On the Grey Dog in The Sea of Humanity,"
as well as his previous books, "Pip's Travels: Welcome Home," "Reconnecting with the Soul of Ireland" and "Taking Great Care."

Have you heard Cathy's solo cd, "Here Between"?


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